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Shy of Interruption

An Autopsy of J. Quinzelle

Hi, I'm Zohluff!Hi, I'm Zohluff!I'm Zohluff, J. Quinzelle's freak creation. I'm here to point out shit and be cute.

So, below is a little greeting from J. It doesn't make much sense, but neither does J.

Still, give it a read. Above me, there's links to pages featuring J.'s writing and projects.

Hover over the link for a list of projects and check one out!

See you around the site.

Shit is about to get interesting.


Dive into a sea of psychotropic words and relieve yourself on the coral reef that is reason and logic.


We are going places.


It's a hole in the wall.

It's the love of a madman.

It's fighting for salvation.


It's writing the screen.



Who am I?


J. Quinzelle.

Writer of Forest.

Wearer of Faces.

Weirdo of... F... Funnels?


I write. It's what I do best. The second thing I do best is acting, but that's nowhere near writing in terms of awesome.

I was also a full-time vampire. Then, they cut back my hours, and I had to find a studio 50 miles outside of Transylvania. So, I quit and became a platypus for the CIA.

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