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All Hope is Lost; S01E01: Te De Raizes


Heavensent City was once a playground for delinquents with abilities and their battles with the powered law enforcers. It’s a city which has seen chaos and disorder. But Heavensent City never saw any terror before like when the city’s leading guardian, The Right Hand, loses his mind.

Across the bay, Dolores Raizes, an insurance sales person, passes off the destruction as another out of control battle. That is, until the battle strikes home, mortally wounding Raizes’ lover, Margot Sweet. Raizes sees The Right Hand, begging him for help, only to watch him fly away.

With the aid of the only surviving members of an organization called BLISS, a corporate funded powered person neutralization project, Raizes encounters her once friend, Lilith Graves. Along with her two companions, Graves helps Raizes and Margot out of the rubble.

At first, Raizes believes she’s being aided out of good will, but when Margot is kidnapped as Graves briefs Raizes, Raizes begins to question Graves’ intentions.

Elsewhere, a mysterious force called Clean Slate, some kind of networked being, unites every villain from Heavensent City in an effort to subdue The Right Hand and bend him to their will.

With no other option, Raizes teams up with Graves to rescue Margot, into the battlefield. Devoid of her powers of yesteryear, Raizes must rely on members of a once corrupt organization known as Bliss.

Things just get worse from there. As they try to figure out what is going on with The Right Hand and rescue Margot, Raizes can’t help but feel that all hope is lost.


Ethereal Vanity: We Are Legion

Ethereal Vanity - We Are Legion


Hell has broken down faith and brought mankind to near extinction in what is known as the "War to Start All Wars". Demons now run the governments, hunting those with an ounce of belief in a higher power, as humans struggle to survive.

Gemini Morales, a teen from what was once Southern California, has fallen victim to the times, as he is possessed by a demon. Two priests from a post-Christian Church, known as Brothers, one being the actual brother of Gemini, they try to exorcise the demon. But, alas, Gemini's body has be ravaged by the possession to the point of being uninhabitable by a mortal soul. The demon in possession, Legion, he informs Gemini that without him, Gemini will die. Gemini, refusing to give up, makes a deal with the reluctant Legion that states Gemini keeps his mind and body, but Legion gets the soul.

As Gemini explains the deal with his brother, a possessed waitress kills Gemini's brother and nearly kills Gemini, if not for a rugged priest known simply as Father. Father is believed to be the last Catholic priest and he hunts demons with a scent for them. He can tell of Gemini's union with one. Father takes the boy in, understanding the loss and trauma.

Legion is visited by a mercenary demon known as Dante, whom is after the bounty on Legion, for Legion forged an application for possession, something the highly bureaucratic Hell has no tolerance for. Legion reasons with Dante, offering three disobedient Ethereal beings, known as Waywards, in exchange for his life, an offer that includes a large bounty reward. Dante agrees, giving Legion limited time to produce the Waywards. Legion informs Gemini.

Gemini explains his situation to Father, whom offers to help hunt the Waywards. Their journey brings them to Tijuana, Mexico, where they find a cantina still up and running. Legion tells Gemini that the barmaid is a Wayward and Father helps eliminate her.

Impressed with the efficiency of the assassination, Dante moves up the schedule and adds a new objective to the deal, seeing as how he practically owns Legion in the trade. The new parameters call for two Waywards and the Anti-Christ, Damian, assassinated in two hours. They are to be found in a hedonistic, carnage casino in Los Angeles. Dante offers them a short route there through an anomaly portal created by the falling of Angels.

With little time and the uncertainty the portal won't kill them, Father and Gemini trust in Legion to not only save Gemini's life by honoring the deal, but even saving the world from the Anti-Christ himself; the President of the United States!

is this poetry?

is this poetry?

Lucky has worked for a shadow organization for most of his life. Picked up at a young age, Lucky has been transformed into an agent of chaos and murder, something Lucky isn't proud of. Yet, the organization controls every aspect of Lucky's life, so there's little he can do in protest.

The organization, with roots in all aspects of government, wants to "release" Lucky, as he seems to have served his purpose. They set him up on a final assignment. For the first time, they also assign Lucky a partner, 18 year old, Jazzy. The assignment's first objective is simple: to go to his family. But Lucky knows there's always an ulterior motive with them.

Lucky has grown distant from his daughter. Alicia, the wife, passed away giving birth to his daughter. Lucky then gave himself over to the organization full-time, leaving his daughter to fend for herself.

Now, Lucky and Jazzy drive long distance to Lucky's home. On the way, Jazzy has to make a pit-stop at a diner on the way. This one stops will unravel time and reality for Lucky, revealing the truth behind Lucky's last assignment.

Mother of Tears.png

Mother of Tears


Constance is a small, country town with the appearance of a dove and the heart of a vulture. An unspoken legacy on which the town was founded leads a bloodline toward Marie Jabez Del Rio, an offbeat and humble girl, tasked with raising her younger brother from her strung out mother's passing. Suffering from a mild schizophrenia, Marie has managed to own her disorder, even coming into believing in the impossible in order to cope. Yet, nothing could prepare her for the mind games a malevolent presence will play.

Marie has been following her family tree, hoping to discover financial help from relatives. In doing so, she has uncovered a history of bizarre suicides by fathers throughout Constance's history. A history which will haunt Marie and kill those she's closest to.

When Marie's brother, David Del Rio, is killed by a crying woman in mist, Marie feels compelled to uncover this demon in order to prove her brother didn't commit suicide. Problem is, with Marie's psychiatric history, few believe her. That is, except Tom Cats, one of Marie's closest friends.

Days after David's death, the authorities connect the murder of Marie's friend, Javier, with David's, making Marie a suspect for both murders and the string of similar murders in the town's recent history. Marie is wanted and only Tom believes Marie enough to help, risking his life in the process to a possible malevolent spirit.

Marie feels she must face and expose this entity to clear her name and save the fathers of Constance. Problem is, time is short and Marie doesn't know how. Her cursed bloodline may overcome her before finding justice.




Jewel and Silver, two outsider parents from a nowhere town, are in desperate need of money. Jewel's daughter is graduating high school with big dreams and Silver's home is being repossessed by the bank. Together, they form a plan to end their financial woes.

The duo set out to a bank in a neighboring town with the intention to rob it blind. But right from the beginning the plan shows its faults as those shown in the would-be thieves. Problem is, how will they pay their dues if the plan falls through?

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Ethereal Vanity: Rise of the Fallen Star

Is This Poetry?

All Hope Is Lost S01E02, Memory Lane