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Cosmic Kitten

Is one of the freshest, most enthralling musical groups to grace the Los Angeles/Long Beach indie music scene. With a combination of sounds, including a heavy grunge influence, they quickly gained popularity.

Karen Hernandez, the lead and founding member of Cosmic Kitten, is a good friend of mine. I was collecting video of her performances before I knew what to do with them. Then, the idea hit me: A Documentary!

“My Shoes” is a documentary showcasing the early years of the band with concert footage, including their first show. There are also interviews with other L.A. indie artists such as Tim Chasez, local artist; Dylan Falcon of Silent X; and Ray Jekter of The Disinfectants.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And be sure to visit their website:! Also, they are on BandCamp, so check that out too.