Shy of Interruption
The Autopsy of J. Quinzelle

Who is

J. Quinzelle?

It all begins with an idea…

It all begins with an idea…


a solitary man,

J. Quinzelle was born in Sonoma, CA to immigrant parents. From a household with a strong respect for education, J. studied film in college and Academy of Art University, with a focus on screenwriting and acting.

In his youth, J. was often commended on his writing abilities, though he never took it to heart. He just enjoyed writing. It wouldn’t be until his 2nd semester of college when J. finally committed to his writing as a craft to expand on.

In his personal life, outside of writing, J. is a major geek. Whether watching films alone or with family, reading comic books, playing video games, or going to conventions, J. is usually around some influence of pop culture.

J. hopes to further extend his skill and service as a professional actor and screenwriter for film and television, as well as commercial advertisements.